About St. James




    The church originated in 1855 after Natchez, Mississippi Bishop, Father Elder, asked Father Holten of Pass Christian to purchase property in Gulfport in preparation of building a church to serve the Mississippi City Catholic community.  Ten years later, St. Patrick Church was built on what is today the St. James Cemetery, located on the corner of Pass Road and Anniston Avenue. The church would later become St. James Church.


    In the late 1800's, neighboring Sisters of Mercy group from Mobile, AL,  purchased property on Teagarden Road near the beach and opened a home for retired Sisters and a school. The school closed after only three years and near this time, the St. James church and rectory were destroyed by fire. Faith and perseverance were not weakened and the church community met the challenges they faced. These challenges included additional destruction of facilities by both fire and tornado.


    In 1967, after a tornado destroyed the church on Teagarden Road, the church family reestablished a home, on St. Patrick's Day 1969, at the Cowan Road property. Since then continuous progress and growth has been realized and the parish has strengthened and flourished.


    Today, our local community is led by Bishop Louis F. Kihneman III Our St. James parish is led by Fr. Ryan McCoy and Deacon Richard Henderson. We have a simple yet profound mission: to continue to live as Jesus Christ asked of us - and to make his name and teachings known and loved.


    The programs and celebrations of our parish can build upon the Catholic mission. We invite you to join us today!




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