St. James Church History:


    The church originated in 1896 when the cornerstone was laid for the first church building on Teagarden Rd. The land was donated by the Malley Family, and the church construction was completed in 1898. 

    In 1910, the church and rectory burned, and a second church was built and dedicated on July 21, 1912.  On December 18, 1913, and was totally destroyed by fire again. Within two years our parish met the challenge again, and the new St. James Catholic Church was dedicated on November 22, 1914.  At this time, St. James Parish was a mission of Long Beach. The church became independent of Long Beach in 1929 and even took on a mission of its own in Wiggins the following year. 

    In 1956 St. James acquired 7 acres on land on Cowan Rd with the intention of building both a school and a convent. These buildings were both constructed in 1963.

    On October 30, 1967, our beloved St. James Church on Teagarden Rd. was destroyed for the third time, however this time it was a tornado. 

    Our current church building was dedicated on March 17, 1969.


    Today, our local community is led by Bishop Louis F. Kihneman III. Our parish is led by Fr. Ryan McCoy, Deacon Richard Henderson, and Deacon Rick Conason. Our mission is simple yet profound: to live as Jesus Christ asked us to live, and to make His name and teachings known and loved.


    The programs and celebrations of our parish build upon the Catholic mission. Do you feel led in a certain ministry? Join us today!